Ah, clean gloves... ugh, wet mulch!

Green thumbs up

to a clean pair of gloves to switch into after a break, or when the gardening's been especially muddy. We spend a good sum on gloves but it's money well spent, given the abrasives, irritants and infectious agents our hands meet every day. (Love gloves as we do? Don't miss the Gloverly Interlude called Guessing for Gloves in this week's Stumper department!)

Green thumbs down

to mulch so wet from rain that it's not only a big burden to carry or cart, but heavy enough and sticky enough to do damage to foliage it falls on. How we long for the easy brushing off of foliage after mulching dry!

Rats! Loading it, holding it, walking on it while it's wet...
there's no airy, health giving fluff left in this mulch!


It's a double whammy when the garden cart of the day is a wimpy contraption with tires that don't hold air. (And here we thought we who pack a tire pump as standard gear were unstoppably equipped.)






Thomas Jefferson favored a two-wheel garden cart. In his "Farm Book" he reported that a man using his prototype two-wheeler could cart material twice as fast as someone with a traditional barrow.


After a single use, we figure you weren't talking about this garden cart, Mr. Jefferson! 
(Photo © 2012 by Celia Ryker)