Garden wise kids...

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Her dad grew up in our garden and those seeds germinated when he bought a home. Now here comes the next one to be hooked on life in a garden. 

...can't deny heritage but do come back as astute critics

Green thumbs up:

To kids who grow up around a gardener and find themselves turning into gardeners themselves whether they meant to or not. We've heard people wonder how they can get their kids interested in gardening and we always think, "You've already done it. The seed may simply take time to sprout." It's hard to deny one's roots, to shake from the subconscious the fact that every family get together photo has a garden in the background. Wait for it -- they won't be able to live long in places devoid of greenery when it's what they've known since day one!

Green thumbs down:

To wise acre kids who come home to visit, take in your garden in a glance, then tell you what you should be doing --- especially when they're right.