Sometimes  you see kids hanging around in the garden, staring into space. You might wonder what they are thinking. We did! So we asked  some of our reporters.

The Worst Day Ever

By: D`licia


Once upon a time, there was a bird that turned into a human. But only at night. The girl/bird was a princess that lives in a tiny village called Birdmania. All the people who lived there were half human, half bird. The princess' name was Birdtreanna and her sister's name was Carybird.

So Birdtreanna only preferred yards that had her grandbird's famous roseberry seeds in them. She always loved flying to her Grandbird's house because her Grandbird had a roseberry garden.

One day her Grandbird left out of town to go work on a friend's garden. She left Birdtreanna in charge. "Birdtreanna," Grandbird said, "Don't eat all the roseberry seeds.'

Birdtreanna was, like, "Can I have 12 while I'm here?"

Grandbird said "Okay, just 12."

When her Grandbird left, Birdtreanna sorta kinda got ahead of herself and ate all Grandbird's famous roseberry seeds. So Birdtreanna tried to grow some before Grandbird got back. But Grandbird had left her phone and her sketch of the garden. When Grandbird came into the house to get her phone and the sketch she saw Birdtreanna in the garden. Birdtreanna tried to lie about the seeds but Grandbird already knew what happened to them.

Grandbird said, "Birdtreanna, you have to grow roseberry seeds this whole summer."

Birdtreanna had to grow the roseberry seeds all that summer.