Kids and birds

We asked what our young reporters what they think about the birds in our gardens and how gardeners and birds get along together.

Lily, D'Lacia , D'Licia and Rany'ah have reported in to say:

Lily's Take on Birds


I find birds very interesting. I think birds are pretty and cute. I love their multi-colors.

Birds eat lots of things. They eat bugs, fish, nectar, berries, seeds.

Birds fly in the sky. Birds could not fly without wings. The wind helps them fly. They fly to get away from predators.

They lay eggs from their bodies. They eat out of their mom's beak.LilyKBirdsS.jpg

I hope you find birds interesting, too.

Lily 3-10-2013




D'lacia's Look at the Birds

Birds are animals that have feathers on them and lay eggs. Some of them lay small eggs or large eggs. There are different kinds of birds.

All birds have different kinds of habitats. Some live in trees, some live in forests, some live in houses, some live on the ground like an ostrich. (If I ever saw an ostrich I would know that I am not in MY own habitat.) Some live in the grass. Some live in sand dunes. Some live in water like ducks, swans, geese, mallards.

DlaciaBirdsAllS.jpgBirds eat different kinds of food, like berries, worms, fish, little pieces of bread, anything you give them. We used to live in apartments and there was this goose that would come to our door and knock on the door with his whichacallait thing the beak.

Some birds have different color eggs, like a cardinal's eggs are pale green. They lay 4 or 3.

D'Lacia 3-17-13 

DlaciaTypesN8021s.jpg CardinalDLacia3920s.jpg

A cardinal eats seeds.





Birds Birds


Birds Birds they are
    the music to my ear.
Tweet tweet gobble gobble
    like the Birds I could hear
Down the street up the hill
    I will fill in the bird nest
with the seeds I grill.

D'Licia 3-17-13





A Poem of Birds

Birds like to fly up into the sky.
Worms are what they eat when they are off their home in the tree.

Fly, fly sky high.

I see the bird in the bird bath when I am in the nature park.
Red robin my favorite bird,
Blue ray I see in the pond I made.

D'licia 3-22-13


RanyahBlueJay.jpg RanyahCatbird.jpg RanyahTanager.jpg RanyahWarbler.jpg

Poem About Birds

Fly, fly sky high I see you while I'm in the sky, red, blue grey, black.

I love to see birds fly like a bat.

Birds, birds, I hear you when I turn.

Rany'ah 3-26-13