Kids like and don't like

Plenty of garden design and naturalist references tell us what kids like. Since we have the chance to skip the middleman, we asked our reporters about it.

"What do you like about outside? Why go out rather than sit inside and play?"

We also asked, "What don't you like outside?"

Answers below from Sarah and D'Licia

What Sarah Likes About Outside SarahShoesCatN8130S.jpg

One thing I do not like about outside is that there is bugs, like spiders or beetles.

SarahLikesPg1BeetleS.jpg SarahLikesPg1SpiderS.jpg

One thing that I like about outside is I can find friends outside.


Another thing that I like about outside is that there are gardens. Some have tomatoes and flowers.


Another thing that I like about outside is stores built in the outside.

SarahLikesPg4StairsS.jpg  SarahLikesPg5SnowS.jpg SarahLikesPg6SlidingS.jpg

I don't like outside when it is cold.SarahLikesPg7CatS.jpg

I love outside because you can play outside on slides.

Another thing that I like is you can find animals and help animals.


You can build outside.


Three more things I like:

I love riding in boats.

I like going for walks, picking flowers and catching frogs.

I like outside because it is beautiful.

D'Licia's Likes and Don't LikesDliciaMcNealFeb11N7941s.jpg

What I like about the outside is that when you go outside you are in your own world. Also I like to garden and play outside. The games I like to play are hide and go seek, kickball, red light green light, mother fox, knicker knocker, racing to the corner and jump rope. That is a lot for us kids to do .When I garden I plant roses, tulips, blossoms, sunflowers, and more.

D'licia says this honeysuckle bloom looks like a pink-dyed snowflake..


I like the snow because it is so white. You can make all sorts of things like snow men, build snow forts, have snow ball fights, make an igloo and lots more things. Snow is the coldest thing ever to me, maybe not to other people but it is to me.

I like to play in the bushes. Bushes may be plain but at my house we make bushes fun. We like to make play houses out of them, forts, tree houses, and lots more.

D'licia: When we had a tree house ours was  a little smaller and we colored and painted it ourselves. Now we moved so we wouod have to build a new one.DliciaTreeHouse3782s.jpg

One of the things I do out side is going swimming. I love to swim. I learned to swim in the fourth grade from my sister. I also love the sound of the ice-cream truck, YUMMY!

That is what I like about the outside.

What I don`t like about outside is the bugs. The bugs bite and I can't understand why they bite the poor old humans. I don`t like sunburns at all, either.

There is not very much stuff I don't like about outside.