Kids View Reporter D'lacia

An Interview with Kids View Reporter D'Lacia

How old are you?

13 in the 7th grade.

What topics in school are your favorites? Why?

Art because next week we're making pottery. On a potter's wheel. I'm going to make a vase. I have seven classes and I do like science, too. We are doing a project now about cells, about animal cells and plant cells. We have to pick one and I'm doing animal cells. We cut out words to label the part of the cell. Like cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, chloroplast...

D'Lacia's reports:
Look at the Birds

What gardening experience do you have?

I planted an apple seed at my old house. It sprouted but the we moved. I like to play outside, with the dirt and mud, I make mud pies and throw them at the trees. I pick flowers and give them to my mom. We take the bike and go look for flowers to give to my mom. I like sunflowers. A neighbor had a great big giant sunflower and she would pick the seeds out.

If you had three wishes about making grown ups do things different with the outside -- the yard, the gardens and stuff, what would they be?'

Plant more flowers. They should go to other people's houses and ask if they can plant flowers in their yard.

D'Lacia lists what kids like about outside:



They like to play

Ride their bikes