Kids View Reporter D'licia

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D'licia loves gardens and art, and has a non-stop imagination. Her art ranges from botanical drawing (below, left) to designing warrior sunflowers (below). 

An Interview with Kids View Reporter D'licia

Q. How old are you?

I'm 13, in the 7th grade in Middle School.

Q. Do you have a favorite subject?

Art! Also gym, choir and Life Skills. I have two of these classes every day. In Art, I like drawing best. In gym, I like the bat-it man game. I'm a soprano in the choir, and my two favorite songs so far are Rose, Rose and Alleluia Jubilate. I like Life Skills because you get to take care of a baby. Not a real baby, like in 8th grade when you have the baby dolls, but eggs that we have to treat just like a baby and see if we can take care of them.

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Q. What gardening experience do you have?

At our old house, I helped the neighbor pull out weeds and stuff. We picked cherries off the tree and got to eat them, they were so good! It was so big, her garden, with lots of food in it. She was very old. Now at this house we grow tulips, roses, tomatoes, and we have a little cherry tree.

Q. Could you design a flower or a zombie for the computer game Plants Vs. Zombies?

If you spray this sunflower with the spray thing, it turns into a human. It has five lives then it turns back into a flower. While it's a flower it fights zombies with its leaves, they have razor sharp edges and its eyes are lasers.





















D'licia does mixed media, too: Hemp cord, wire screen, rubber bands whole and in sections, pipe cleaners, stamp pad ink!


Tiger beetle is very shiny.

Beetle, beetle in the ground

laying eggs crowd.