Kids View Reporter Dakarione

An Interview with Kids' View Reporter Dakarione


Q. How old are you?

12. I'm in 6th grade, in Middle School.

Q. What are your favorite subjects?

Number 1, writing, because you can write anything you want.

Number two, drums, in band, because you can make all the noise you want.

And number 3, choir. I'm a tenor but sometimes an alto.

Q. What gardening experience do you have?

I've been gardening since I was ten. Miss June, our old neighbor, I helped in her garden. She was about 90.



Below, right: Dakarione says what I like about gardens is that you can grow things and eat the peaches off of it.


Q. We've been asking kids who know the computer game Plants vs. Zombies for silly plant stories. Do you know that game?

Yes! I played that game!






               Right: When Dakarione dropped by to add some
               color to his current drawings, he and
               D'licia traded zombie-plant ideas.





Q. Do you have any plant and zombie stories to tell us, Dakarione?

Below, right: Maybe the exhibitors at
the 4H Oakland County Fair had also
played the Plants Vs. Zombies game!


One day there was a man named the meanest and scariest man ever. His name was Zombie Man.

I am named Lightning McQueen and I have zombies in my classroom. They are very bad. They tried to eat our class flower, Antonio. Antonio is a hyacinth that smells like a skunk and I hoped the zombies would eat it.

Unfortunately, the zombies tried to eat my brain and they ate my teacher's brain because she kept bugging with us in 2nd hour.

One day I saw the zombie outside trying to eat plants and people gardening. I said, "People look, people look, there are zombies trying to eat your plants!"

They said, "Who cares, they can eat these plants. I don't care about these plants."

Then the zombie tried to eat my friend's brain and my friend said, "I quit, I quit!"

I said, "Go away or I will have to take you to the game called Plants vs. Zombies and then you will get killed, you zombie. If you don't leave my family and friends alone or I will take you down."