Kids View Reporter Lily

An interview with Kids View Reporter Lily

How old are you?


Six. I am in first grade in Elementary School.

What are your favorite subjects in school?

I like to go outside at recess. Me and Anna play house. We just play games we pretend there's an actual house.

Definitely I like when we get to do our motif, we get to watch a movie while we do the motif. Our motif is when they give you paper and you cross out words and stuff for the movie. We just finished which was Snow White I crossd out "once upon a time", "true love" and "riches and jewels". The riches and jewels I picked because the seven dwarves are kind of rich because they work in a gold mine.

What are your favorite things to do outside?

Build a snowman and do snowball fights. We only got snow a couple of times but we built a snowman and a snow dog. We didn't get much snow for snowball fights.

I love to do my jump rope outside by the porch.

If you had three wishes to make grown ups do things different with the yards outside, what would you have them do?

1) Take away noisy people.
2) Let people grow more plants for their gardens. Roses. Their petals are pretty.
3) I really wish people would let their kids any age go outside by themselves.

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