Kids View Reporter Rany`ah


An Interview with Kids View Reporter Rany'ah

How old are you?

9 years old.

What are your favorite subjects in school?

I like math and writing best. I don't know why. Oh, because math gets you smarter.

What garden experiences have you had?

I've seen lots of daisies and birds, and bees on the flowers. I've seen then in your yard, Miss Janet and Mister Steve, and in other people's yards. I haven't grown anything myself except for in preschool when we planted a seed of a purple flower. Oh yeah! I did help Miss June and Miss Patty. We planted fruits and apple trees.

Rany'ah's stories:
Kids and Birds

If you could change something about the way grown-ups do things outdoors, what would you change?

I've seen people not water their plants and they dried up, and I don't like the way they treated those flowers. So I wish they would water them. There's nothing else I would change.

What do you most want to happen this spring?

I hope my flowers grow back in my yard!