Kids View Reporter Sarah

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We usually see Sarah's back and extended arms more than her face, because one of the places she spends a lot of time is at our pond, fishing out fish, tadpoles, pond weed... you name it, she fishes it out of there and studies it. It was great fun to learn of her other interests, and we signed her up when she brought us her illustrated story of what she likes about outdoors. 

An interview with Kids View reporter Sarah

How old are you?

8 years old in third grade at Elementary School.

What are your favorite classes or subjects?

Writing! We do stories about our lives. I've written quite a bit, the longest about two pages about my favorite things. We write by hand and I don't always draw but always try to write my best.

Sarah's stories:
Kids Like and Don't Like
The Bug World

What kinds of gardening experiences have you had?

I planted a tree for my friend. A small tree, a pine cone -- we started the tree from a seed.

What do you like to do outside?

I play with my friends outside, we build things, like I found a book about building and I do what they did, like tiny houses made out of sticks and stuff like that. I love biking. We go on froggy walks where we find frogs all over in the forest, and snakes. I go with my mom and my brothers. It's fun catching frogs and looking at fish in a pond.

If you had 3 wishes what do you wish grown ups would do different about the outside?

I wish they wouldn't ask me to check in so much and let us do what we want, like going to friends' houses without asking. I wish you would make more forts in your backyard, it's big enough to have at least two more separate places, forts to go to, like the one in the bushes back there.

I wish I could sprinkle some dust and it would become a rainbow! That would be cool!

Sarah says "My favorite plant is a daisy. There are all colors of daisies."