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Too much or too little mulch? Never again!

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Hey guys, what I need is a way to know for sure how much mulch I need! We bought this house two years and we're learning how to do most stuff in the yard. But mulch....! We bought mulch, spread it, it wasn't enough. We had to go back for more. The next year we had mulch delivered, spread it, it was too much and we ended up with a bunch sitting on the driveway most of the summer. -  J.S. -


We're glad you asked because we've had questions before that made us think 'We should create a Mulch Calculator' and your asking bumped the number of requests up to our "do something about that" level.

Click here and you will download our Mulch Calculator. It will tell you an exact number of cubic yards or bags of mulch if you just type in:

  • The number of square feet you want to mulch,
  • How densely planted the beds are that you're mulching, and
  • How deep you want to mulch.

Not sure about square feet, density or depth?

No worries -- the Mulch Calculator is set to use average bed density and mulch depth. Optional sections let you describe your beds to fine tune the square footage, planting density, and how deep mulch should be.

Please let us know how this calculator works for you.

If it works well or there are only a few bumps to smooth out, we will very soon add a Rock Calculator (for rock to pave patios and paths, or fill dry stream beds, etc.) and a Soil Calculator. We've also created a Fertilizer Calculator for you.



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Glad to help bring you an accurate Mulch Calculator!


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