Lawn trouble? Stop blaming grubs

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Powerful ads have demonized the grub. Stop falling for them. That marketing is not aimed to improve your lawn, only to make you buy grub killer. It's a ploy that works, to the tune of $75 to $100 per lawn per year. But 80% of the time, grubs are not the problem.  

Stop trying to kill grubs

Stop spending money and energy trying to get rid of grubs.

Grubs are always around but most lawns are not troubled by their grubs.

There are better ways to improve a lawn. Fix the non-grub issues that actually cause most turf trouble.

The grubby facts

You don't really want to know the nitty gritty of grubs. That's OK. The summary on this page is enough. (Or, click here for all the dirty details.)

What you want is a better lawn. You assume grubs are to blame. Yet you probably do NOT have grub trouble.


  Two grubs is not a
  problem, even if you
  find two under
  every bit of
  sod you dig!




Here's what to do about grubs and the lawn



  • Recognize more common and truly debilitating grass problems: Heat, dry soil, compaction, poor light.
  • Fix those problems.
  • Aeration, water, and fertilizer are the best help you can give a lawn.


Third, consider some surprising grub facts.