Gift what you covet

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Maybe you don't think much of a gift preying mantis, but our young friend Sarah was thrilled at the offer. We knew she would be enthused because we knew we wanted it! 

Choose gifts to give what you wish you were receiving

When Janet was 6 she was invited to a birthday party. She emptied her piggy bank and went to the store with her mother. She remembers this exchange.
"Oh, I really like this, can I have it?"
"Remember you're shopping for your friend. If you really want it, that makes it a really good gift for your friend."

When Janet was intoduced to this concept, she was the age our young friend Sarah, yet the words still ring clear and true all these decades later. She now calls it gifting what you covet.
That's the way it is with mentor stuff. That shopping trip of 50+ years ago played itself back as we did some looking around for gift ideas.

Just a fun shop-around

So here's our list and we hope it might save you some shopping time or at least be a fun look-see. Maybe this is the year we'll get or give something that will have the staying power of good Mentor advice.
Below: Whatever you give, we know it will be better than the buy we made one year of "The tool for the gardener who has everything." We weren't acting on that salesperson's misguided advice; we bought it for a laugh. It has been that for a decade already.

GiftToolsNotN0272s.jpg GiftsNotN0271s.jpg

Do you suppose the producer really thought one could rake, level soil, pry out weeds and hoe, all with one tool? If so, s/he never ever hefted it because the thing weighs enough to bring battle axes and sledge hammers to mind!

Choose the kind of shopping you'd like to do:

We started as we usually do, with the practical. GiftApronPlym0555s.jpg
We kidded about things for Gardeners of a Certain Age, EJNphph0609s.jpg
Which put us in the mood for ornaments, GirlJugStatGvws0497s.jpg
Which made us look up and notice things for the birds, WaxwingPoke2425.jpg
Eventually we arrived at very special dream items, ChairGdnVw0486s.jpg

And along the way, a bonus: Ideas for filling pots in winter XmasGrnsNvle0518s.jpg