Plan now to avoid vegetable pests

The easiest control is to stay ahead of those buggers!

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So we're looking now at last year's problems -- what happened when -- to schedule what to do when to prevent trouble. 

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Below, clockwise from top left: Celery heart rot, asparagus beetle, powdery mildew on squash, and damage from squash vine borer. 

CeleryBlkhrt6325s.jpg  AsparagBetl1288.jpg  CucurMildew6483s.jpg  SquaVinBorer6442s.jpg

Please pardon our dust, we're working on this.

Meanwhile, you can download the vegetable pest outline from our workshop session that is the basis for this article. It's there with others in our Presentations to download folder, in the Invite us to speak portion of About Us. (Isn't it great to be able to just click on a link?!)



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