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We're always looking for ways to do more with what we have! 

...and other questions about operations here on the new website

What is a Sponsor? Can I be one? - T.T. -

Anyone can Sponsor. We do need and appreciate the help.

  • Go to the Market, to Become a GardenAtoZ Sponsor
  • Copy the email form there, and complete it:
  • Choose from suggested amounts or write in what you can contribute.
  • Tell us if there is a particular page or topic that should bear your Sponsorship message.
  • Email it to us.
  • We'll post your Sponsor message and send you a bill for your pledge.


I think I found the old issues of your newsletter. Am I right, are they all in Ensemble Weekly Editions? You could mark them more clearly - M.A. -

Yup, they're our Ensemble Weekly Editions. Find them there by issue number on the departmental cover page, or from the list on the appropriate seasonal title page. Or do a Search.

We couldn't bear to call them "old" or "archives." It sounded so dusty. Yet in our own garden work we still refer to information there that we gathered and wrote out 20+ years ago. We aimed for it to be long-lived stuff, right from the start. So we wouldn't have to repeat.

So far, about 300 of our 1,000+ back issues are there. We add more as we have time or Sponsors call up particular issues. (You can be a Sponsor and call up useful pages for everyone, for as little as $30.) We're also beginning to move some of this year's articles into that Ensemble section in one-week bundles as newer news fills the upper registers.

Thanks for asking. We'll keep looking for ways to help others find them.


Is the newsletter going to go away and there will be just the website? - S.W. -

The email newsletter will continue. Everyone who is a subscriber or who subscribes new will keep hearing from us weekly.

We're transforming the weekly email-plus-attached-pdf into a simple email. It will be an executive summary with links to the complete articles at the site.

We've loved the newsletters as pdf's but we're thrilled with this new format. On the site we do not have the restrictions on photos we have had in email and pdf. Also, we can make quick connections on the site between today's news and related items everywhere in our library and off-site, too.

So you'll continue to get a pdf for a while, as we help all our readers make the transition. By issue #180 what you will be in the weekly email will be gist and gateway to the whole story on the site.

Maybe by then we'll be caught up to "Weekly" again, too. It's hard to stay on time when we are double publishing the articles.


Below: Steven shoots a red horsechestnut bud.

When we have time for learning and writing we'd rather spend it shooting and digging and researching, not writing the same material in two different programs. Once we finish the current transition to our website, we'll have more time because we will not create the pdf format of the newsletter.

Here's Steven grinning about that, and actually getting some photos done for an article two issues ahead! (Care for a sneak peek?)

 SNShootDeskN3562as.jpg  BudScarAescu4085s.jpg