Come cut with us in late summer!

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Afraid to cut your Japanese maple but seeing that you probably must? Come learn with us. Free! 

Extra special opportunities coming up in our free hands-on pruning sessions Garden by Janet & Steven

Throughout the year we do all kinds of pruning, and we often invite you to come watch or try your hand. Free. No strings. Just because we think gardeners learn better that way.

These sessions are part of our  Garden by Janet & Steven program.

In late summer our calendar is full of pruning dates because it's a great time to:

  • Prune trees and shrubs that must be kept small
  • Turn shrubs into small trees
  • Give trees and shrubs better shape
  • Reclaim walkways lost to "dwarf" plants
  • And more!

You can join us at one or more of these sessions.  Our calendar lists dates, places and the type of work we are doing at each. We meet most often at our gardening sites in southeast Michigan but some sessions are in other States.

When you see a session you are interested in, drop us an email ( or call (248-681-7850) to let us know which session you plan to attend. Be sure to give us a phone number so we can reach you to tell you the address and keep you updated on any last minute changes.* Then bring your tools, your notebook, your camera... whatever tools help you learn.

A particularly rich opportunity for students of pruning is upcoming on August 8, when we will meet at Ray Wiegand's Nursery's Macomb Township, Michigan display garden. It's loaded with beautiful evergeens of all kinds and many ornamental trees and shrubs. (Some are pictured on this page.) We'll be pruning and discussing the pruning of a dozen different plants.

*We do not usually post addresses on the calendar because these are outdoor hands on sessions for which we must know the number of participants in advance. Only if we know who will attend and how to contact each one can we remain flexible in case of weather related schedule changes.

Below: Blue spruces and falsecypresses are such beautiful additions to a landscape that gardeners often can't resist them even when they have too little room to allow the plant to grow to full size. August is a perfect time to prune either one to keep it small.

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