Enchanting birds, pets, wild visitors, even bugs

They add motion and color to your walls or stationery, as they do to the garden.

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MonarchHummr5208s.jpg  PuddlingSallowtails.jpg  LoonNest3736.jpg 

WhiteSpider3877.jpg  AsterBees1767.jpg  Fawn4059.jpg

FluffyEgret2296.jpg   MilkweedBug2145.jpg  Bear6616.jpg  ToadFrog0555.jpg  SeeThruChrysalis1666.jpg 

SwanStrch3741.jpg  MonarchWing.jpg  Dragonfly6777.jpg 

RedAphids2202.jpg  Cat1364.jpg  GreenGrasshopper2281.jpg  Gull6720.jpg  TigerBros0322.jpg