Shed Hanging


Turn a garden shed into a garden gallery

Select an image, tell us to put it on cloth for your garden fence or shed.

Beautiful photos are so versatile when printed on cloth:

  • Decorate a wall or window,
  • Cover a storage nook,
  • Flag a garden path*

2' x 3' cloth print: $90.00
3' x 3' cloth print: $120.00
4' x 3' cloth print: $150.00
4' x 4' cloth print: $180.00
5' x 3' cloth print: $200.00
Custom sizes are available. We will crop images to order.

*(Will they last forever outdoors? Heck no, but they are printed on fade resistant cloth using the same process and standards by which cities create banners to adorn Main Street, and Art Museums to proclaim exhibits along an entry promenade.)

To buy right now:

1) your selected photo name
        (from our Galleries:
        Flowers,   Landscapes,   Scenery,   AnimalsColorClose-ups & Home page )
2) and note the item price.
3) Then go to our order form.