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We look out the window or up into the sky, and are not surprised at what we see. Other gardeners keep us informed! 

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What's coming up this week: In this department are the hot topics for this week and weeks before, by season.
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This week in Janet & Steven's gardens:
Quick run-down of what to do, when.

Green thumbs up, green thumbs down:
 Our picks and pokes from the horticultural arena.

Tip cuttings: Great tips, cool quotes and links to more from our forum.

Mentors' magic: Quotes, quips and other treasures gleaned from those who've grown on before us.

Aiming for answers: Hit or Miss. Confirmation and controversy! There is no single right way to garden.

The 45mph garden: Glimpsed as you drive by. Mysteries solved, ideas sown.

Big mistake, big lesson: Gardeners learn by doing... especially when we goof up. Learn from those who fell before you.

Stumper: Whyizzit that... Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

Scrabbling in the garden: Definitions for cool terms useful in a garden and on a game board.

Expert afield: Reports from gardens you should see.

Ensemble editions: Surf an extensive library, many years of weekly e-zines, each a collection of all the departments. Search by key word, or for a given issue number, or by season.

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