When we're not in the garden:


Gardening is our passion. As both career and pastime it does occupy most of our hours, but we do have other interests. Since our hobbies and experience beyond the garden can influence our advice and designs, it may help you to know that we like:

  • Traveling, to see different places, faces and ways of doing things. (Below, Amsterdam, where they pack a lot of garden into any tiny place!) We've been to Europe, Mexico and Canada but usually the time we have available keeps us closer to home... although "home" is pretty broadly defined. For instance, we had this exchange one Friday, then jumped in the car:
    "Hey, Steven, your appointment for tomorrow cancelled."
    "So we're free for almost two days? Want to drive up to Minneapolis to the Arboretum?!"
  • Walking with our dogs. Black labs have been our favorites for the past 20 years. Our current pair of labs are 11 year old Kolme the helper-genius and 7 year old Yippee Kiyo (Kiyo) the athlete.
    JanetLakeoftheClouds.jpgHighlandFrisbee6196.jpg KiyoFrisbee5986.jpg
  • Making life interesting for our cat, Fraxinus, a.k.a. Fraxy or The Fraxinator.Macunovich_catalogs_cat.jpg
  • Fishing. One of us doesn't sit well in a boat but the other will wade, row, motor or sit anywhere, anytime if given a pole.
    JanetFishing.jpg Huron Fishing 0802090031.jpg
  • Reading. Historical fiction, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy are favorites.
  • Perfecting the art of channeling Santa Claus.
  • Sewing. Not in a major way. Things like enjoyably keeping one Santa properly attired and a couple pairs of favorite work pants in operation via creative patching.
    SantaStevec5396.jpg JMBurdPants3399.jpg
  • Spending time with our kids. Who aren't kids any longer...
    LOTR.jpg JCSS.jpg
  • Watching some sports and playing others: Softball, hockey, bowling, foosball (no, that's not misspelled)...
  • Cooking. With fresh produce and from scratch, which makes us truly appreciate food. Specialties: Spaghetti sauce, fruit bars, stuffed cabbage, vegetarian lasagna...


And just in case it ever matters to you, we do very little:

  • Housekeeping. We keep it neat but can't seem to find the time and enthusiasm for fixing up. And we'd rather be outdoors. Thus things in our home/office are mostly held together with baling wire and string!