Janet & Steven, working in gardens


We would love to garden with you if we can, through our business Perennial Favorites.

Here are the gardening services we offer.

We do design, planting, maintenance, consultation and special projects.

  • We specialize in perennial garden design and landscape design that includes detail to the level of individual perennial and annual plants.
  • We can design one flower bed or an entire landscape.
  • We do a limited amount of planting each year and will be glad to plant for you if we can find an agreeable free date. We are also happy to help you hire and supervise qualified contractors.
  • We consult for individuals who have questions about a particular landscape, as well as for whole groups who need to learn about plants, design or any type of garden how-to, via hands-on workshops.
  • We conduct workshops and supervise "barn raisings" as alternative means to complete some garden care and planting projects.
  • We help people capture the beauty and joy of a garden, in photographic records, image-and-text maps or illustrated journals.

We are gardeners and proud of our gardens. We have learned that Nature cannot be rushed and so we make a long-term commitment to each planting we do. Only in this way can we be sure that our guarantee of satisfaction is met, and continue to learn to be even better gardeners.

We hope this gives you enough information about how we work and prices we charge to make a decision about working with us. We are always happy to answer questions about how we work, by phone (248-681-7850) and email, and to discuss possibilities in more detail during a consultation in your garden.

References are available upon request.