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Past fun:
Renovating to Simplify the Landscape, Troy, MI

Want to improve an existing landscape and reduce the work you do in your yard? This presentation will help you meet those goals, whether you're continuing a long-term landscape project or just starting in on the plantings you acquired in buying a home. Although there isn't any such thing as a no maintenance yard, you can greatly reduce and simplify the work needed via design modifications, informed plant choices, and variations in your approach to garden care. These tips come to you from 35-year professional gardener and writer Janet Macunovich.


Pruning Trees and Shrubs, Saginaw, MI

How and when to prune your trees and shrubs to ensure beautiful bloom, good shape, manageable size, and healthy plants. In this class garden designer and writer Janet Macunovich covers:
            • Simple, proven techniques for keeping plants within the bounds you set.
            • How well and how long popular landscape plants hold up to pruning.

 Macunovich encourages you to "Bring a branch!" Clip a limb from each plant you want to trim and bring them with you to be sure they are included in the "how to."


Saving Time and Money on Yardwork
, Youngstown, OH

Now is the time to plan what you will do, when and how, to reduce the work you do and money you spend on your yard. Although there isn't any such thing as a no maintenance garden or no-cost yard, there are low maintenance gardens and yards. This presentation is full of back-saving, budget-easing tips from a professional gardener and garden writer. Every one has proved its worth in real gardens. You may be surprised at how much difference you can make, looking with professional gardener and educator Janet Macunovich at everything from design modifications to variations in tools, timing and even perspective.



Lore and Lure of Plants: Growing Kids into Gardeners, at English Gardens stores, southeast MI

Professional gardener and writer Janet Macunovich has been around long enough to see and help three generations of gardeners develop. She knows you, too, love not only planting seeds but growing new gardeners. In this talk she shares her bag of tricks for engaging kids to pass on our love of the natural world. Come gather ideas for the youngsters in your life... and for your own inner child.


Getting the Garden Ready for Spring, White Lake, MI

Even if your garden makes you happy just as it is, there are things you can do in early spring to make the whole season easier and the garden more lush. Shrubs, trees, groundcover beds and lawn benefit from your attention in the spring, and repay you with reduced needs in summer. It's also a wonderful time to rearrange or expand a perennial garden. Professional gardener and author Janet Macunovich will help you start off on that right foot toward a great season