Summer Secrets Workshop, CT

Friday July 18 - Sunday July 20, 2014

Second in the series, Secrets of the Season Workshop:

Continuously Crafty Color and Professional Cheating

At the Bennerup Garden, Berlin, Connecticut

It's not just the combination of plant species and varieties that make for April through October bloom in a garden. What counts are the gardener's tricks for extending, stalling, and coaxing repeat shows from flowering plants. This workshop is intensive hands-on lessons in both plant combinations and practical techniques that add up to a really long show of color. (Two related sessions make it a whole season of secrets. See May 2-4  and October 3-5.)

Cheryl Bennerup of Sunny Border Nurseries in Berlin, Connecticut invites you to


garden with her and friend Janet Macunovich in the 3 acre Bennerup garden. You'll learn techniques and be able to practice them in sunny areas and shade, in mixed borders as well as annual, vegetable and alpine beds.

What we will we do and learn:
            • absolutely ruthless cutting back and delicate deadheading and pinching,
            • artful pruning,
            • adding new plants without rattling current residents,
            • problem diagnosis and solutions,
            • design*,
            • and much more we cannot list here...

... because this is the real deal. You will be working right alongside pros in one of the best gardens in the country, right with us to make the plan and then flex as we must to address the practicalities of nature.

*Those who love new plants -- us! -- will have special fun in design, as one of the


objectives Sunny Border nursery Director Pierre Bennerup has set for this garden is to display and trial the newest of the new perennials.
Right: Pierre, his passion for and contributions to the perennial garden were recently covered in American Gardener magazine. Take a peek!


The Bennerups work together on their gardens: A dream, a discussion, a delight to be around to see it happen!


The schedule

Friday welcome and warm-up (optional): 5:30 - 8:00 pm at the Bennerup garden. Refreshments, tour, meet the instructors and other gardeners, and start formulating your best questions and dreams for Saturday.

Saturday workshop


Strategy session, explanations and demonstrations,
9 - 10:30 am
Small group hands on activities,
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Luncheon and discussion of tactical corrections,
12:30 - 1:30 pm
Small group activities, 1:30 - 3 pm
Wrap up review, questions and divvying of any "spoils", 3 - 4 pm

Sunday self guided tour of area horticultural attractions
10 am - 4 pm, a fun and idea-ful tour of lovely, innovative gardens small and large.

Right: We learn by doing, and by talking we process what we've done to learn even more. Lunch is such a great time to enjoy this process!


To register

Friday welcome and warm-up: $40.00 Optional.

Saturday workshop: $175.00

Sunday self-guided tour: Free. Optional, but we must be notified in advance if you will make the tour.

Registration does not include the cost of your travel to or lodging in Berlin. Berlin is 30 minutes southwest of Hartford. There are lovely, reasonably priced, places to stay nearby. A list of accomodations will be provided with your registration confirmation. Contact us if you would like the accomodations list in advance.

Register now by sending an email with
            • your name,
            • mailing address,
            • the number of people in your party,
            • the date of the workshop you plan to attend,
            • telephone number,
            • any special dietary needs and
            • whether you plan to attend the optional Friday and Sunday sessions.

Email that to Simple as that. We will send you a bill!

What you should bring:

Tools. One of the best things about working with other gardeners is the chance to see and try different tools. Some of the instructors' hand tools will be available for trial and general use but we strongly suggest you bring your favorite hand tools, such as a spade, fork, trowel, pruning tools and weeder.

Gardening clothes, including a light rain jacket and a hat. Rain can alter our activites, and in the case of an electrical storm we take our work indoors, but we may be outdoors in a light rain. Temperatures are generally pleasant in summer  in Berlin and we do have plenty of shady spots to delve into if the sunny spots are hot, but sunscreen might be useful, too.

A quick tour of the Bennerup gardens



Green greeting as you pull in.

Skirt the door, detour through the cool shade, peek toward the pool, then go see what's ripe in the kitchen garden.

 _DSC2761.jpg _DSC2745.jpg

_DSC2839.jpg _DSC2867.jpg

It's hard to stop and only peek in at the gate to the formal garden, no matter the season. (Below: left, October; right, May.)

_DSC2800.jpg CheloneToolsN4859s.jpg

_DSC2808.jpg  PagodaCrnrN4893s.jpg

In the spring the woods are full to bursting with leopardsbane (Doronicum caucasicum, below, left) and other beds are readying themselves for a later show.

DoronicumWoodsN5015s.jpg ParterreN4925s.jpg

It's a plant collectors' garden. Everywhere, plants you know and many you don't, each in its niche.

_DSC2657.jpg _DSC2696.jpg

EnkianthusFlN4931s.jpg PierrePotCrnrN5007s.jpg

_DSC2669.jpg _DSC2674.jpg

This is a garden to enjoy and one with endless secrets to teach us!