Margaret Thele

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When Margaret showed us the pincushion flower (Scabiosa) she had for market, a butterfly came to be sure we noted it is variety 'Butterfly Blue'  

Margaret Thele is a super gardener

and our Super Moderator, able to advise and comment in almost all aspects of horticulture. She has worked in many facets of the horticulture industry, as Extension service agent to retail and wholesale nurseries. She also hosted the WXYT radio program Green Side Up for three years. Margaret grows and sells perennials, herbs and vegetables through her business, Sage Advice Nursery. As part of that business, she also designed and consulted in gardens and landscapes for 20 years. TheleWatersOCGN7901s.jpg

Now semi-retired (but you'd never believe it to see how much she shares on the Forum or to look at her blog of all she has going on in her Sage Advice greenhouses!), she maintains her ties to the gardening community as a Moderator on GardenAtoZ and at the Oakland County Michigan Farmers' Market where she sells perennials, groundcovers and herbs. Check her website for her current plant catalog, talk to her on our Forum or read her blog whenever you need a shot of green energy.














Right: Gardeners all know that nothing tastes better than what you've grown yourself and cut moments before, but Margaret lives it all year. Here, harvesting greens at one of her beds in the Oakland County Parks Waterford Oaks greenhouses where YOU can rent winter space, too.












Below: We caught up with Margaret at dawn one Thursday as she set up at market. This Farmers' Market in Pontiac, Michigan, like many all over the country, is a great place to pick up plants, produce and advice.