Pam Palechek


Pam Palechek owns the firm Petal Pushers,

and has been designing and maintaining gardens and landscapes for over 25 years, specializing in perennials gardens. Pam has taught classes on gardening and landscaping at Schoolcraft College and numerous community education facilities thoughout southeatern Michigan since 1990. She was a senior instructor for the Michigan School of Gardening for 12 years and assisted in the development of the School's curriculum. Pam received her Master's Degree in Art Education from Wayne State University and is an Advanced Master Gardener through the Michigan State University Extension Service. Pam received the Michigan School of Gardening's Certificate of Gardening Fine Arts in 1998 and the Certificate of Landscape and Garden Design in 2003.

Pam enjoys traveling, and brings ideas home to her own and others' gardens.




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