Scott Bates


Scott Bates has been interested
in water gardening

since he chased his first tadpole at age 6; it remains a passion of his today. He gets a big kick out of both building water gardens and teaching others how to build them. Scott's nursery, Grass Roots, has been building and planting water gardens since 1971. Grass Roots also specializes in aquaric plants and fish stock. Scott propagates and grows many plants, and spawn and raise fish. With a keen understanding of water chemistry, Scott has hybridized hibiscus and cannas for fully aquatic environments. He formulated a special blend of fish food performing exceptionally well in ponds across the nation. For personal enjoyment, Scott keeps several ponds, loaded with fish and clear, clean water. His property is home to chickens, peacocks, guinea fowl, large koi and butterfly koi. Scott instructs hands on classes at his nursery and instructed at the Michigan School of Gardening from 1996 - 2008.




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