Consulting on garden plans or problems


We can consult regarding maintenance problems, coach you regarding design projects or help you plan detailed, normal landscape care. On-site consultation is billed at $100 per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

We do travel to work, and have clients across a wide area. We enjoy working in other regions, are confident of our work in most of the Northern U.S. and Canada, and have learned a great deal from work so far in the South and Southwest.

For properties beyond our locality (southeast Michigan) time and mileage expense will be included in our bill. We are sometimes able to split travel fees between clients, or between gardening clients and those hosting us for a workshop or talk. If your schedule is flexible, ask us about when we might be in your area for other reasons and can offer you a fee sharing arrangement.


We provide you a record of our consultation findings, which we can present as  text and noted images married in a digital record (above, and in detail at top right), as text and diagrams prepared on-site (example below) or otherwise as you require. Contact us by phone (248-681-7850) or email.