Planting by Janet & Steven, Perennial Favorites


Perennial Favorites can provide an estimate of costs for planting a design we produce for you. There is no separate charge for the estimate, which has sufficient detail to be used for obtaining comparison bids. However, we cannot make an estimate without a design and a visit to the site.

Our labor rate for planting is $50 per hour per person on the job. Except as specified otherwise on an estimate, planting and maintenance charges begin when we arrive on the site and end when we leave. We cannot estimate total cost of any planting project without a complete planting plan, which is either part of or derived from a design.


For properties beyond our locality (southeast Michigan) time and mileage expense will be included in our estimate, for ourselves and any crew needed, or for ourselves if we will be supervising a local crew.

We do not operate a nursery. We did grow the plants we use, at one time, but found that selling our own plants tended to limit the species and varieties we used. So we obtain plants from various growers. We purchase from whichever source has the specific plants you need, the healthiest plants, and the best prices. We pass the benefits of our expertise to you in all of these areas when we select your plants.

Typically, plants for one design come from several nurseries -- no one nursery can carry everything. We don't like to substitute species. After determining which will be best for a particular spot and drawing it into your design, if we cannot locate that species we sometimes leave a "blank" in a planted area and return at a later date with the correct plant.

We can guarantee the plants we put into gardens for you, if you wish. Our plant guarantee has one condition that you may not hear elsewhere. That is, we reserve the right to substitute species or variety after we have determined the reason for a plant's failure. Nature is both wonderful and complicated, and we match plants to the site based on our best prediction of site conditions and 30 years' experience. Yet incompatibilities do occur. About 10% of our plants require some attention in the year after they are planted. Some are replaced with like plants, some are substituted, some adjusted in place. We make follow-up visits to check on plants' health but we rely mainly on you to call us if you see problems, as soon as you see them.

Call us (248-681-7850) or email if you would like to discuss design and planting.

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